furnipart x Signe Hytte

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Named after the wisest of the nine muses in Greek mythology, the Calliope collection is a testament to artistic innovation and ingenuity. Inspired by the soft, arch-like nature of concave forms, Calliope takes this shape and brings it into the functional space to challenge the idea of what a handle should feel like. 
Every piece in the Calliope collection is surprisingly unique to the touch, but still offers a comforting and welcome sensation. It’s incredible how the home can be transformed into something extraordinary through the simplest of details. 


Scultura series is inspired by the hand-crafted beauty of classical sculptures, as well as Greek and Roman columns that follow a steady and rhythmic pattern. The beauty of the Scultura series is that it elegantly introduces a sense of calm and quiet grandeur into our homes and everyday living. 
In terms of craftsmanship, the Scultura series employs sand casted brass with polished sides to show the interplay between the beauty of untreated material on one side and high-gloss, mirror like surfaces on the other.

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